Chers tous, 

Vous êtes à Taiwan, vous êtes fans de cuisine, vous êtes curieux et vous voulez en profitez pour découvrir les légumes, fruits, recettes de cette île... 

Vous trouverez une foule d'infos par ici : 

Taiwan Duck Cooking Taiwanese food and growing Taiwanese vegetables and Taiwan stuff!

This traditional dish has got 'rose' in the name because of the colour of the cooked chicken rather than any rose-flower being in the ingredients. Taiwanese used to use a particular red cooking wine which isn't available now but this is the same recipe. This old wine would colour the chicken.

Salt and pepper crispy fried Tofu 椒鹽脆豆腐


Recettes d'une Chinoise

Cours et recettes de la cuisine chinoise traditionnelle de différentes régions de la Chine.


The Food of Taiwan

is a San Francisco-based filmmaker and photographer. He was raised in Taiwan, and has made it his life's mission to incorporate the colors, textures, sight, and sound of his experience growing up in all of his work. Many of his projects involve food, musicians, and stunt men.

Home Style Taiwanese Cooking Cookbook by Tsung-Yun Wan

So I made a cookbook! Over the last 18 months I've been talking to a couple publishers about making a cookbook. A few years I started making a cookbook for myself but this became too much work, then there was talk about an illustrated cookbook but this last year I was contacted by Marshall Cavendish (add link) and I was asked if I wanted to make a cookbook about Taiwanese food.

Traditional Potsticker Dumplings 煎餃 | The Dumpling Sisters

Slow Cooker Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup Recipe (牛肉麵)

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Sophie M pour l'équipe du Thé.